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This new DAHLIA-R 24/410 closure is the first SHB flip-top closure for bottles with 24/410 screw neck! Explore the unique DAHLIA shape in a round version for many different bottles! The DAHLIA-R 24/410 and the planned DAHLIA-R 24/415, DAHLIA-R 28/410 and DAHLIA-R 28/415 closures will fit on every standard bottle with one of these screw necks. For more information, please contact our sales department.


Discover our latest development with the brand new DAHLIA neck. The innovative closure represents a new product family, starting with the already available 300 ml bottles DAOV, DAVE, DAME and DALO. Other bottle sizes and shapes are in the planning stage or can be customized for you at your request. For more information, please browse here through our catalog or contact our sales department.


This is how the new SHB main catalog presents itself. But not only the color is new - many innovative products are now available for the first time! Be inspired by 100 pages, choose your favorites and ask us without obligation. Of course, we are also happy to provide you with some samples. Contact our sales department - we look forward to hear from you. Browse ONLINE in our product catalog or download it HERE  as a PDF-Download.

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