All HDPE bottles of the SHB range from 75g contents are now also available in recycled material. Both for the washing and cleaning industry as well as for the personal care area of our products we now offer suitable materials. These have been reviewed and approved by the PAH, ROH and REACH Declarations for detergents and the FDA NOL and the EU Cosmetics Declaration of Conformity for the personal care bottles.
Our personal care material is made from milk-, juice- and water containers, which are recovered through closed deposit systems. The recovered plastics are then cleaned, shredded, melted and regranulated. Since only varietal HDPE material is used by this procedure, the conformity for the cosmetics sector can be ensured.
Our detergents HDPE material is made from assorted yellow bag plastics and collected beach plastic. Again, sorting is done first, then cleaned, shredded and melted before being granulated again.
Further information can be found in our “Recycling Edition” brochure or contact us for an individual offer! We look forward to open a new – green – chapter with you!